Nuru massage: a sensual ritual from the land of the rising sun

Dealing with classic erotic massages would probably be quite boring over time, but Nuru massage will allow you to grind into the slightly more exotic waters of faraway Japan. It’s like entrusting your body to an experienced and seductive geisha who does not hesitate for maximum pleasure to expend all his wits. It is actually an ancient Japanese ritual intended only for men, which was created by chance.

Like I said, it’s a ritual. And every good ritual has its rules. Erotic Nuru massage therefore always starts with a shower. You will relax wonderfully and, most importantly, get wet. Nuru gel can thus play its role from the very beginning.

An excellent masseuse simply slides on you without effort. She changes techniques, sometimes strokes, sometimes tinkles, until you almost reach orgasm

To make your Nuru massage experience truly perfect, you need to visit a good massage parlor. A discreet and pleasant environment must be a matter of course. The massage itself should be preceded by a shared shower, during which you throw away the shame and relax. Then all you have to do is lie down on a mat, listen to pleasant music and hand over your body to the body of a masseuse. The next tens of minutes will be among the most enjoyable you have ever experienced.

Nuru massage in London is a unique experience that will awaken your erotic senses and take you into the world of erotic dreams.

No, this is not an excerpt from the dream of a teenage boy going through his first half. You will experience similar feelings if you book your massage session with Sublime Nuru Massage London. Sometimes you may also come across the terms “body-to-body” or “body slide” massage. In any case, it is a unique sensual ritual, in which the so-called Nuru gel plays a major role. Extremely slippery gel made from the algae of the Japanese seas, which the masseuse slowly spreads on her and your body. And then it all starts.

The slippery gel spread on your bodies allows the masseuse to literally ride you. It travels over your body with all its weight and reaches deep into your heart. It will stir up blood all over your body and spill life-giving energy to your fingertips. She uses her whole body for massages and if you are not clearly against it, she also can massage your intimate places. Due to the slipperiness of the gel, the masseuse can perform movements that she would not normally be able to handle. Nuru massage is therefore absolutely exceptional and during it, you will experience delightful feelings that no other massage can afford.

Nuru massage in Marylebone is a big hit. This massage also comes under the name “body slide massage”, because it uses a special gel (Nuru gel), which allows a pleasant sliding of the body on the body. Despite the use of the gel, the Nuru massage is surprisingly warm and pleasant.

Unlike the various gels and oils that are commonly used in erotic massage to create an atmosphere, the Nuru is completely colorless and odorless. It washes easily, so you can get dressed and go back to work or family responsibilities. No one knows anything, only the softness and softness of your skin can seem a little strange, but it can always be seduced into a moisturizing shower gel. For me, it is the absolute number one among tantric massages. Definitely.

A pleasure you can experience at any time. Enjoy an erotic Nuru massage with all your senses and forget about everyday worries.

What is the Nuru Massage? After all, a stress killer and an awakener of sexual energy!

Nuru massage is for everyone who wants to break free from everyday stress and experience something new and pleasant. The Nuru technique is also popular with long-term married couples who go to experienced professionals in Japan to learn to apply massage to each other.

During the lessons, the masseuse will not only show them how to do it, but can also help them to reduce mental and physical tension overall. Some couples even claim that thanks to Nuru massages, they have become closer to each other and understand their bodies. After all, a massage performed with pure love leads to a much stronger experience.

If you have a taste for real relaxation and an unusual erotic experience, try to visit Sublime Nuru Massage London and let yourself be carried away into the unknown.

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